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Since 1982, we invented 100+ varieties of uniquely hand-crafted fishing lures, earrings, hat pins, belt buckles and personalized novelties.



  • Treble Hook Lure: $3
  • Single Hook Lure: $4
  • Earrings: $10
  • 'USA Patriot' Spinner: $5
    ​(10% proceeds goes to Wounded Warriors)​​

“Follow Me And I Will Make You Fishers of Men”
Matthew 4:19


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GotzonGetzit Fishing Lures & Sportsman Jewelry

Handmade in America by 1969 Veteran Ronnie Gotzon



& Sportsman Jewelry

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Celebrities are hooking-up to GotzonGetzit Fishing Lures & Jewelry in movies & TV.  
​Don't miss veteran Ronnie being honored in recent news.

gotzongetzit fishing lures

Give an American made fishing lure at a fair price and enjoy catching fish. New lake / stream fishing lures not yet seen in stores.  I'll send you some.